Introducing Affordable Smart Home Automation

We all have days when we leave home in a hurry and only remember that
certain lights or electronic devices in the house are still on when we
are miles away from home. Then for some, the worst case scenario of
finding their houses on fire immediately surface. Thanks to the gradual
maturation of smart home technology, these panicking moments are soon
becoming something in the past. More and more companies are releasing
their smart home systems to help prevent any of the havocs caused by
carelessness from happening. Techdesign stumbles upon one such brilliant and most importantly, affordable smart home system by Vertical Dots Technology.

    In association with smartnode.

Control From Anywhere in the World

Control your home appliances manually or with mobile with both android and ios devices.

Child Lock

You, can lock any particular device with smart phone app and then no one would able to manually access it.


You can schedule any particular appliance to turn on or off at a given time on any given day.

Like maybe you need to get up early to turn on your pump to fill water. Install smart node and it will take care of that so you can sleep as long as you want.