Secure Malls

Like any place where money flows and large
crowds of people gather, shopping malls are susceptible to criminal
activity. Most feature large open plazas, multiple levels of shops,
restaurants, and often movie theaters, along with storage and delivery
areas. The buildings are expansive and present unique challenges for
security personnel. Strategically placed mall security cameras help to
enhance security by providing continuous monitoring of all parts of a
shopping complex.


Some malls have their guards patrol the exterior premises such as parking lots. Others use bicycles for accessibility and visibility. Thieves often find their desired target in parking lots due to its vast space and easy escape access. With the help of CCTV Surveillance system, security personnel and the law enforcement agency can easily review and possibly identify the perpetrator for prosecution.

Parking Systems

Mall is already a crowded place and it is very important to make the parking of the place separately managed with this sophisticated solution. we Provides the solution solution .It is aimed to improve their experience and accessibility to raise the number of visits made by the customers. It eliminates the congestion of the cars in the parking and make them run sleekly.

Time Attendance System

A biometic time attendance system enables you to eliminate employee proxy attendance (or buddy punching). Physiological features like fingerprints are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.

Boom Barrier System

Automatic boom barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of industrial unit, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas etc. Automatic barrier can be used to successfully control pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It can be used achieve better security.

Access Control

It necessary to prevent access of unauthorized person in some highly sensitive area like control room or surveillance room.And for this purpose access control provides best solution.

Fire & Smoke Detection System

From a fire protection perspective, shopping malls are generally the most complicated of retail structures, requiring a fire alarm system sufficiently intricate to provide communication between active systems such as, zoned sprinklers, smoke control provision, secondary power supplies, emergency lighting and manned control centres.

Music System

Its important to have good music system in theaters it's reason people prefer to choose particular theater over other. Hence we strive to provide the best music experience at best price.