Secure Institutes.

An effective Institute security strategy
addresses a number of elements such as safety from intruders, managing
truancy through controlling access, in addition to the personal safety
of staff, students and visitors. Whatever your specific institute safety
and security requirements, we can deliver a complete solution to address

Time Attendance Systems

Convenience – Teachers may not always have access to a computer in order to complete a register. Time Saving – Teachers no longer have to take time to register every student. Control – Staff can keep an eye on registration, view attendance reports for a selection of people or everyone in the database, and view real-time updates when people register in or out. Responsibility – By using the e-Registration system, students learn to take responsibility for their own attendance record. .


cctv in the corridor or even in classroom is best way to ensure nothing goes wrong and discipline is maintained in the Institue.

Fire System

As per the safety rules in big institues fire saftey system is a must to ensure the saftey of the people on premices.