Security Systems for Hotels

Managing security in hotels is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, guests want to know that their rooms and possessions are secure and that processes are in place to ensure that any undesirables who wander in off the street are dealt with. On the other hand, they don’t want to see blatant signs of oppressive security measures wherever they go. They want to feel they’re in a welcoming place with an air of luxury, not a prison.


It act as the basic means of two way communication in any hotel to facilitate the guest services.
It is needed for guest convenience and so we have multiple options for every type of hotels.

Door Locks

Go Hastle free go keyless.we provide programmable cards for which can used to open the doors without any problem and same card can be used for different rooms at different times.

Fire & Smoke Detection System

Smoke detection system is an essential security measure in the hotels.
They are generally fitted in every corner of the hotels but our reprogrammable system can be turned off for the rooms with guest having smoking habits..

Music System

It doesn't matter if you run a boutique bed and breakfast or a luxury 5-star hotel, soundjack offers a professional and affordable choice for playing legal commercial background music in your premises.

  • Relaxing music in your spa.
  • Upbeat rhythm in the gym.
  • Contemporary vibes in your bar.
  • Tasteful tones in the restaurant.